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Mobile Phones

  • SICK OF CARRYING TWO MOBILE PHONES?A man carrying two mobile phones

    NEW release in Australia! Free yourself for ever from locked phones. Business sim in one slot and pre paid in the other. Change your life now throw away that second phone. Be the first one at work to have a Onedex Twin Sim. Touch screen with dual bluetooth how cool is that!

  • TWO SIM CARDS IN ONE PHONE!Twinsim Mobile Phone

    Another Onedex partner is The mobile phone industry it would appear on the surface is well catered for in Australia. However, in our “solutions based approach” to the industry in all sectors of our business we have identified a sector of this market that is yet un-catered for. In our market research over the past 2 years we have found that there is a huge demand for dual simcard phones in Australia. We have since proved the market for these phones and have now sourced preliminary sales for these phones to commercial and private clients.


LED Solar Street and Area Lights

For many years Solar has been known as the most “clean” and “green” source of energy. However the costs associated with installing a solar energy and lighting system have been prohibitive and the payback has been seen as to long. The Team at Onedex Communications have been researching LED lighting for over 2 years both from an analysis point of view to ensure the technology is as good and as reliable as needed for our market but also for appropriately qualified and experienced supplier for any proposed projects.

With a background in electrical installation projects and in the automotive industry, our interest in innovative solutions drives us to seek out these products and bring them to the market in a timely and cost effective manner.

NOW, with the entry to the market of LED light systems that can equal traditional light systems with 60% - 75% energy savings, the associated cost of producing the energy to run these LED lights is also 60 – 75% less. Also, the entry to the market of other appropriately qualified solar panel manufacturers that can compete with the traditional sources at much lower costs, the possibilities are endless and the opportunities provide solar and LED lighting to areas that before were prohibitive are now an affordable reality.

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Aus-Asia Water Tanks
Aus-Asia Water Engineering Group is a company with extensive GROUP experience in water tank, water treatment and contaminated site remediation projects. We provide design, manufacture and installation of water tank systems, water treatment systems and offer joint venture manufacturing opportunities to the Australia-Asia region and other world markets.

We seek to work with companies and government agencies to investigate opportunities, carry out feasibility studies, provide design and engineering consultancy to potential projects and bring together the overall projects including product procurement and installation, project management and training of local personnel in the operation of the final project infrastructure.
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