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Onedex Communications Group

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About Onedex Communcations

Onedex Communications has been in operation for the past 14 years and has principally operated as an internet service provider (ISP) to the Australian market. In their business activities Onedex has diversified into a more "communications" aware role in the market where the use of the internet for communications purpose has led to the involvement of many associated specialties in the industry.

Led Solar Lighting

The Team at Onedex Communications have been researching LED lighting for over 2 years both from an analysis point of view to ensure the technology is as good and as reliable as needed for our market but also for appropriately qualified and experienced supplier for any proposed projects.

With a focus on quality, reliability and service, it is our goal to work with private individuals through to companies and governments to make a difference to our environment and to the clients bottom line. It’s a WIN WIN. Win for the environment and WIN for your pocket. We look forward to hearing from you ….. the ONEDEX Team


  • Twin Sim Mobile Phones LogoAnother Onedex business Partner is Twin Sim mobile phones.The mobile phone industry it would appear on the surface is well catered for in Australia. However, in our “solutions based approach” to the industry in all sectors of our business we have identified a sector of this market that is yet un-catered for. In our market research over the past 2 years we have found that there is a huge demand for dual simcard phones in Australia. We have since proved the market for these phones and have now sourced preliminary sales for these phones to commercial and private clients.
  • TSC5000 and Acer Glofiish DX900 phonesNew Release in Australia: Twinsim Mobiles Two SIM cards, two numbers, two sides of your life. Acer Glofiish DX900 is the world’s first dual sim card smartphone to support both 3G and 2G SIMs and are completely unlocked. Twin sim is a brand name of Onedex Communications who specializes in dual sim and 3G dual sim mobile phones.