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Led Solar Lighting Tubes

LED Solar Street & Area Lights

For many years Solar has been known as the most “clean” and “green” source of energy. However the costs associated with installing a solar energy and lighting system have been prohibitive and the payback has been seen as to long.

There is a balance in most peoples minds between being environmentally responsible and what it costs to actually “do it”.

NOW, with the entry to the market of LED light systems that can equal traditional light systems with 60% - 75% energy savings, the associated cost of producing the energy to run these LED lights is also 60 – 75% less.

Also, the entry to the market of other appropriately qualified solar panel manufacturers that can compete with the traditional sources at much lower costs, the possibilities are endless and the opportunities provide solar and LED lighting to areas that before were prohibitive are now an affordable reality.

Lighting of areas where traditional power sources are not readily available have been prohibitive with the cost in ground infrastructure to get power to the area and then the on-going costs of running and maintaining the distribution cableing network. With our LED solar street light systems, the infrastructure is simply a foundation block fitted with our anchor bolt and that’s IT.. stand the light and turn it on. The running costs are $0.00. the maintenance costs are simply to check the solar power batteries every few years.

Onedex Communications have been innovators in seeking out new technologies to offer to the market and to ensure the costs of these LED and solar powered systems are competitive and that the products are of a good quality. The manufacturers we represent are experienced in this industry and provide us with a wide project history of LED solar lighting projects that confirm the suitability of this technology to our region.

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The range of products with this technology is growing daily. The quality and longevity also is growing to provide long term solutions that are both economically and environmentally responsible.

Some of the products included that we can offer are as follows:

  • Solar Street Lights
  • Solar Flood Lights
  • Solar Garden Lights (fancy or plain)
  • Solar Bollard Garden Lights (fancy or plain)

  • There is also a full range or office lighting solutions available. Some of these are:

  • LED tube replacements in 300mm – 600mm – 900mm 1200mm – 1500mm to replace traditional fluorescent tubes with the benefit of reduced energy and reduced emissions

  • LED downlight lamps to replace 20watt and 50 watt downlights with up to 60 – 80% reduced energy and emissions

  • LED Solar aviation lights

  • LED Solar emergency light (warning triangles and traffic warning systems)