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Aus-Asia Water Engineering Group is a company with extensive GROUP experience in water tank, water treatment and contaminated site remediation projects. We provide design, manufacture and installation of water tank systems, water treatment systems and offer joint venture manufacturing opportunities to the Australia-Asia region and other world markets.

We seek to work with companies and government agencies to investigate opportunities, carry out feasibility studies, provide design and engineering consultancy to potential projects and bring together the overall projects including product procurement and installation, project management and training of local personnel in the operation of the final project infrastructure.

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  • Water Storage Tanks (up to 50ml Litres) Waste Water Tank Treatment Systems including chemical and waste oil treatment.

  • Potable Water Treatment Plants and Reverse Osmosis Systems to any capacity - including containerized systems.

  • Sewage Treatment Plants to any capacity - including containerized systems.

  • Lining systems for repair of existing tanks & ponds - including structural Tank repairs if required.

  • Lining membranes for dams, tanks and decorative ponds.

  • Lining membranes for waste or refuse disposal systems.

  • System design services for all above listed items including preparation of proposals and tender documents on a consultancy basis if required

  • Contaminated site Remediation projects

  • Oil Spill Control and Cleanup.
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